Bathroom Design A to Z

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Bathroom Design A to Z

Accessories: Accessories include decoration, wall hangings, art and sink essentials. Begin with a unifying theme. I shop for a long time to find just the right decor that I want. We bought our new home this past April and my powder room still doesn't have a mirror and there is only one picture hanging on the wall. I've learned to become a patient shopper. When I'm patient, I end up with a room that I really love. Here are a list of my favorite stores: Hobby Lobby (never buy anything full price, use your coupons!), Home Goods, TJ Maxx,, and I could probably go on, but these are the highlights. I take advantage of the websites that have wishlists. I make sure to save the items I like. I also like really unique pieces and often times have a hard time finding just what I want. I've had great luck shopping on OfferUp for used items, that I can re-purpose into something else. I LOVE a good deal! I love ZGallerie, but I don't love their prices. I will search "ZGallerie" on OfferUp or FB Marketplace. You will be surprised at what you can find.

Clearances: All fixtures should be at least 30 inches apart. There should be 30 by 48 inches in front of the sink, 24 inches around the toilet and 45 by 30 inches in front of the tub.

Colors: Bright colors add light to a room. Pastels make the room appear larger. When in doubt, use white. My favorite paint store is Dunn Edwards.

Countertops: Choose from tile, solid surfacing (like Corian), Formica and Polyester resin. Personally, I love a quartz countertop. They are easy to clean, low maintenance. And did I mention they come in some gorgeous patterns?!

Flooring: Most important: a non-skid surface. A new popular flooring we are seeing more of is the luxury vinyl. It looks like real wood and isn't as cold as tile. But most importantly it's waterproof!

Floor plan: The toilet should not be visible from outside the bathroom, nor be the first thing you see upon entering.

Lighting: LED lighting helps to brighten up the bathroom. I'm a thrifty shopper and love to find the best deal on fixtures. They can run the tab up on your budget quickly. has been my go-to when we have re-modeled our kitchens and bathrooms.

Safety: Protect all electrical outlets with a ground-fault circuit interrupter; place switches at least 60 inches from water sources. This is a big deal! If it isn't done or isn't done properly, it will get called out in an inspection when you go to sell you home.

Showers: Install swinging doors to swing outward to avoid trapping the user.

Storage: Storage doors should swing clear of fixtures.

Tubs: Platform-mounted tubs should be no more than one step off the floor. Ventilation: Install an inexpensive fan.

If you live here in San Diego, then you know we sometimes sacrifice space for the sake of just living in such a fabulous city! In many homes, that space can be in the bathroom. It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to maneuver in such a small space. is a wonderful resource for all sorts of home projects and ideas. Here they show you how they remodeled several small bathrooms. I love being able to convert things to make it more compatible for its use.